The mome raths outgrabe as the borogroves got all mimsy when she came – like a flood of light piercing oblivion. Was that the reason for his nebulous reasoning, or was it something else about her that got to him? The feelings of remorse he felt every time she left wasn’t to do with her impending absence, rather it was remorse felt at the prospect of her return. So he kissed her goodbye – again – hoping against hope!

The relationship was relatively recent – a chance meeting at ‘Blues’ had led from one thing to another, until she moved in. And that was just up his street – no more fantasizing about a regular bonk and having someone around to help around his pad made all the difference. And although he was more into one-night-stands than getting involved in emotional entanglements, this seemed like it could just work out. But that niggling doubt remained – he put it down to conditioning, thinking it would pass – like everything else. But it persisted.

The slithy toves were gyring and gimbling in the wabe and although it wasn’t exactly brillig, she let him kiss her goodbye, wishing he would brush his teeth before he did, as his early morning breath almost made her gag. And as she made her way out of the apartment, she wondered how long she would have to put up with his bullshit before she was ready to move out. He wasn’t bad in bed, although she pretended like hell that he was better than he really was. And since she was between regular lovers, she figured that the conveniences he provided would be better than the hassle of living alone.

And so they carried on – living the lies they told themselves and each other – playing the game for their social counterparts and themselves.

And so it went – until…