Java’s in the basement
Working on the ‘medicine’
I’m at the keyboard
Thinking about the government
The men on the black bikes
Faces masked, guns cocked
Waiting for someone
To get paid off
Look out man
It’s not just that White Van
God knows when
They’ll strike again
You better get down – get away
If you want to see a new day
The man at the top
Sitting on his throne
Wants your loyalty
But you ain’t got none

Java’s back – looking weird
Heard the news and it ain’t good
Said the bikers got their man
Smashed his window pierced his brain
The phone’s tapped anyway
So got to find another way
Or they’ll bust your ass
No matter what you say
Look out man
Don’t matter what you claim
Walk on tip toes
Stay away from bozos
Who call themselves politicos
Carry around a book of prose
Try to keep a clean nose
Watch out for them ‘plain clothes’
Don’t need no weatherman
To tell which way that wind blows

Get scared, get back
Try your best to change track
Cut loose, give slack
Just in case they’re coming back
Check blogs, feed dogs
Dance to the Ipod
Writing crap, deleting it
Substituting harmless shit
So look out kid
No matter what you did
The losers, cheaters
Army deserters
Hang around theatres
Waiting for that ring tone
To strike again and head home
Orders from the leaders
Tears for the bleeders

Got born, kept warm
Childhood’s end, had sex
Went to church, got blessed
Studying for success
Kiss ass, make pass
Get laid, get paid
Years of schooling
End up on the night shift
Look out kid
You’ll pay for what they order
Better not run for it
They’ll get you at the border
So fly that flag
And do the right thing
Unless you want to bring
It all down and sing
The song of what
It takes to be a patriot

Java says you gotta sing it!