I must admit, I didn’t have the “slightest interest” in it when I first glanced through one of those early posts. And given that I had started blogging some six months later and wasn’t “the experienced blogger”, I hadn’t a clue about “the answer to my questions” that he postulated on. Anyway, I “gave him time”, as he requested – and now hardly wonder “what comes of this”.

Suffice to say, the blogger has emerged (going by Indi’s recent stats) to be the most widely read on Kottu today. And what’s more, one thing led to another and a kind of mutual admiration and rapport developed between the two of us that has blossomed into friendship that even included the bonus of meeting the two occasional stars of his blog – A and K. The occasional meet-ups when he visits his beloved Colombo (sans London and Drums) are always a pleasure. So happy blog-birthday RD and may there be many more of those corny-kinky-weirdly wonderful-sometimes shitty (subject-wise of course!)-personal-pimpedupdiary-posts of yours coming through.

Cheers buddy!