I guess some of you would have noticed yourselves being featured on a newish blog http://twitter.com/yourblogsucks – and probably felt some heat at the reaction of the blogsucks-author to your particular blog, or to a blog/blogger who you did not think warranted the insulting put-downs. Cyberspace is crawling with all manner of weirdos, some of who get off on hurling shit from the safety of their holes. I have addressed this phenomenon in earlier posts here and here , and also elsewhere, in less obvious terms of reference.

The problem Java and I have with anonymous entities spewing vitriol is not to do with the content of their crap, but that they cut off all lines of communicating responses to their mostly banal drivel. Some of the shit is funny – in a perverse sort of way, but most of it I suspect comes from a severely deprived and twisted individual(s) with psychological hang-ups that manifest in this cowardly practice.

There was a period when Achcharu had a coterie of creeps that were intent on targeting more popular bloggers like RD and Darwin – amongst others, but some of the feedback that emanated must have got to them, as it looked like they crawled back into their respective holes and under their respective rocks. Now however, it looks like at least one of them has made an appearance, as the style and clichéd put-downs are unmistakable. I guess old habits die hard!

Anyway, for those of you who have, or will be targeted in the coming days – be cool. Creeps will be creeps – I guess it’s genetic!