The ongoing episode started by Nibras Bawa’s post and RD’s response on his blog has certainly created a bit of a stir on kottu. And the overwhelming view of many of the denizens of our local blogosphere appears to be that NB is a creep of the highest order. The intensity of his response to RD, complete with the exposure of some of RD’s personal details and the blatant threats to RD and some of the other commenters made nearly all of us reading do a double-take. And all because one commenter called him “Neanderthal Booruwa” (‘Booruwa’ means  ‘Donkey’ – for those not conversant with the Sinhala language) and another had called him ‘Jackass’ in a comment to another post. Unbelievable!

To me, NB’s ‘exposure’ of some of RD’s personal details didn’t reflect anything other than the exposure of NB’s own personality and psychological makeup. And for sure, the way I look at it, it says a whole lot more about NB than it does about RD. Eye of the Cyclone wrote a telling post on the subject as did The End and these views just added to the plethora of comments generated by RD’s post that seems to indicate a consensus among nearly all the bloggers who responded that NB was way out of line and had overstepped the basics of decency and blog-etiquette – not to mention being open to legal action.

We all realize that cyberspace allows all sorts of individuals to indulge in purging their insecurities – very often at the expense of others who they may, for whatever reason, take a dislike to, or even be attracted to. Stalking, very often results from these insecurities, which could be irritating or, at the other extreme, be scary. As indicated earlier, there are legal implications to this sort of behaviour – for instance, with regard to the Public Disclosure of Private Facts, “…a person suing for public disclosure of private facts is required to prove that another person (1) gave publicity (2) to a private fact (3) that is not of legitimate concern to the public, where (4) such disclosure is highly offensive to a reasonable person…”, so in the event RD wants to go that route, he does have a valid case (by US law).

So in the end (or is it in the interim?) it looks like NB’s attempt at the ‘exposure’ of RD, which by his own admission he thought was highly ingenious and  resourceful, and his threats to any other blogger who dared to fuck with him, resulted in nothing more than ‘exposing’ himself to those of us who followed the exchanges. So now what? Judging from NB’s views and thoughts that he expresses on his various blogs, it is most unlikely that he will back down and let bygones be bygones – or will his considerable ego urge him to compulsively go after anyone else who ‘dares’ to fuck with him? One never can tell with individuals with that kind of mental-makeup.

I made a comment on NB’s post to RD, but so far it hasn’t been published. It referred to an earlier post that reflected his interest in Buddhism and his questioning of the Buddha’s logic(!) I don’t remember the exact words, but it went something like this:

Man, if you are so interested in attaining the liberation referred to by the Buddha, you have a long way to go just to reach that eightfold path”.