What a show of loyalty and affection towards RD from many of the bloggers on kottu erupted over the past few days, which just goes to show how a community of folk who don’t even know each other personally (apart from their blogging relationships formed over time) can, and do unify against what is considered to be injustice and/or the need to put down noxious entities bent on bullying and threatening a member of the community. Of course RD is kinda special in that he has charmed his way into the hearts of a lot of us bloggers with his whimsical posts, or “pimped up diary”, as David Blacker good-naturedly described his blog. And what’s more, in spite of the fact that he was born and is domiciled in London (exact location of his office has been considerately provided by a Mr. Bawa – all the way from Shanghai), he has the ties that bind him semi-securely to Sri Lanka and has, during his many visits, met-up with and befriended many of us folk. Needless to say (especially to those who have got to know him) he comes across in real-life very much as he does in his blog. In other words, there is no pretence or bullshit and what you see is what you would get when reading his posts. Fortunately he kept his farts in check and never once rushed out to take a shit whilst I was with him, so I don’t know about that part of his make-up, but all-in-all he is a lovely guy, in spite of the rouge and touch of lip-gloss – or maybe because of it!

Anyway, what spurred this post on was that Java wondered if the reaction on the part of us bloggers to the abuse of RD’s privacy would have been as vehement if any other blogger was unfortunate enough to be put through a similar experience by an equally obnoxious entity. We figured that this show of unity, if it manifested regardless of the popularity of the blogger in question, is a powerful force in keeping certain standards and qualities with regard to the ethics and morality in our little blogosphere.

We have, for sure, seen quite a few confrontations between individuals on kottu where name–calling, outright lies and innuendo have been directed and have been responded to. On some occasions other bloggers have entered the fray, either to add perspective or to criticize the antagonist for improper behaviour. However, never have we seen a consensual show of force on the part of so many bloggers. And we feel this is a very healthy sign and bodes well for our little community. Let the differences in views and opinions persist, and there will always be the folk who will react to sentiments with descriptions that may not be complimentary (like ‘jackass, or ‘booruwa’ in the vernacular) but that is no reason for threats and abuse of privacy. And this episode starring The Drummer and The Bawa has surely shown us all a thing or two about ourselves.

Good for us.