Ever since moving out of the regular routine demanded by ‘work’, the concept of ‘time’ has brought about a whole different perspective to the psyche. In spending lots more time at Flowerbook since the change took place, priorities have selected themselves in accordance to the natural flow of things in general. This means that there is a whole lot more of absorption in natural systems and the way they work – and then using the information to make those systems work for me. This is particularly important in the management of land with regard to its use for landscaping that includes organic agriculture and the creation of mini-environments as part of the plot.

For instance, on sloping lands (which is usually the case in the hills), use of the natural contours in determining the levels for terracing and the application of the commonsense that comes with right observation, will result in drainage systems that will allow the flow of rain-water to catchments that serve more than one purpose. One is to store water (in ponds or pits) for irrigation and other uses, and another is to minimize erosion. The creation of a ‘wetland’ is another purpose that, in addition to providing an environment for the purpose created, also creates a mini-environment that attracts many different species of fauna, flora and innumerable attractive insects.

But I digress – the point of the post being to inform my mates of the blogosphere the reasons for not being all that active in putting out more frequent ruminations. It’s just that Java and I are blissing-out on the sheer wonder of being able to be one in harmony with the beauty around us. The dogs, of course, add to the joy – and not being constrained by the obligations of the nine-to-five trip and the repercussions from it, gives the psyche a lightness of being that is just brillig. The results of all this, of course, is that there is hardly any time for much more than the essentials, which means that blogging has definitely taken a back seat in the present scheme of things.

We still do check out kottu and some of the other sites that turn us on, and we do chuck in the occasional comment, but other than that, there is simply no desire. This does not mean that there will be no catalyst to prompt the odd compulsive and occasionally regrettable post, but that’s just how things go – if one is Java or yours truly, that is.

So now it’s nearly noon, it’s time to trip on outside with a cool lager and some high-quality smoke. The music is turned up, which will allow strains of whatever is playing on RIFF, the Jazz station on WorldSpace, to reach the pond at the lower part of the garden. The dogs have got the vibe and are egging us on and out.

So much to do (or not) – and so little time…