There’s a certain freedom that descends on the psyche when the urge to blog wanes – at least for Java. Or so he says. As for me, it was a reluctant start to begin with, and if not for the persistency that Java is sometimes known for, I probably never would have got into it at all. However, all that’s now so much water under the culvert and I have to admit, closing in on three years of blogging, we have had a pretty good time of it. Leaving aside the fact that it provided a forum for putting out some thoughts and ideas, it also provided substantial feedback (over time) by way of comments and other interactions with folk – some of whose admiration was mutually reciprocated and some whose wasn’t. There were also the odd confrontations and vitriolic exchanges which added to the excitement, and then there were the meetings-up with a few where confirmation of first impressions were realized and relationships ensued – happily, for all concerned.

Early days were also quite exciting and full of anticipation, with frequent checking of stats and hoping for comments. Posting was an almost compulsive exercise and it boggled the mind how easily stuff came pouring out of the head in those early days. And then, as time went on, although the compulsion to post on a regular basis diminished, we still wanted to retain a reasonable consistency to keep the blog active and keep in touch with the regular visitors. But this too waned – perhaps due to changing values, but more, we think, due to a change in lifestyle that put more emphasis on the ‘here and now’.

So now we are content to wait until something meaningful nudges one of us to construct a post without much effort. There are views on many of the happenings on the political scene, but we have decided to stay out of this due to pressure from the near and dear for fear of repercussions – and at this stage of our lives we have no intention of having to deal with the thugs and assholes that are at the beck and call of those that pull their strings, so that is a no-go zone for now.

Java thinks it’s just great to free-flow, not to be urged on by the inner voices that come up with all sorts of ‘excuses’ to bung in a post at frequent intervals – and I have to agree. Let’s just see how it goes – and how it flows…