Yesterday’s post on what some may consider to be ‘deviant’ sex got Java thinking about terminology and semantics.

We know that to be sexually attracted to, or to have sexual relations with a member of the opposite sex is to be ‘heterosexual’, and to be sexually attracted to, or to have sexual relations with a member of the same sex is termed ‘homosexuality’. To have sexual relations with animals is termed ‘bestiality’ and folk who have sex with corpses are ‘necrophiliacs’. A quick Google search for other sexual terminology unearthed terms such as asphyxiphilia, apotomnophilia and autogynophilia, corophilia, exhibitionism, fetishism and toucherism. However, these terms are more descriptive of specific sexual acts, rather than being descriptive of different ‘categories’ of sexual preferences.  There were also  references to women who had sex using vegetables as a matter of course and even references to men who not only penetrated veggies like pumpkins, but who used suitable veggies to  penetrate themselves. However, we couldn’t find a term that described the specific act (of someone who had sex with a vegetable).

Then, as we pointed out in some previous posts here and here, folk also have sex with stuff like bicycles and furniture, and I’m reasonably certain that words to describe these acts have not yet been coined.

Can someone out there help us out on this by providing the existing terminology? Or maybe come up with a suitable term? Prize for the winning ‘terminologist’ will be a year’s supply of the heaviest-duty condoms available (just in case…) – entries close next week, so there’s no need to rush.