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Tracking back from some of the titles on the stats page I clicked on one of the posts whose contents I had forgotten and which linked to another one that was of relevance, and both of them kinda flashed me on the current political situation we are in. Yeah, it had to do with governance, political ‘deals’, ending the war, the ethnic divide and whether the Rajapakses style of governance was beneficial to the country. And, in addition to the contents of the posts, the comments to one of them, particularly the ones from ‘dj’ proved to be quite interesting (if ‘dj’ is who I think it is) with the benefit of hindsight.

The feeling of Dejavu is strong, in the sense that we are still saddled with much of the same conditions we were in when the pieces were posted nearly three years ago, in spite of the war being over and the spectre of Prabhakaran being a thing of the past. What we are free of, now that the war is over, are the suicide bombings, the deaths of the soldiers and the cadres on the other side, the huge amounts of money that was spent on the fighting, the fear and depression caused by the conflict and other results of the fighting that caused the economy to be in dire straits. And what we hoped for with the ending of the fighting was a period of peace that would bring about an ending of the inconveniences of road-blocks, security checks, closure of roads to safeguard those who were susceptible to planned attacks, a recovering economy and a stability that would ensure freedom of speech, freedom of movement and basic human-rights. However, not very much has changed. And the question to be asked is ‘why?’.

Now there is an alternative to the present power-structure with the advent of a candidate challenging the incumbent president at the impending election. The candidate, who is without any political experience, is running on a platform provided by opposition parties that pledges to end the rampant corruption and nepotism that has become firmly entrenched in our political firmament. However, we have to take him at his word – and his words in the past have not been exactly encouraging, at least with regard to the equality of minorities. There is also the fear from some quarters that a dictatorship could result in the event of the challenger’s victory and there is really no way to be sure, one way or the other.

The quandary for the folk who are sick to death of the current regime’s deeds and lack of being able to sort out the economy is that they are between the devil and the deep blue sea (or a rock and a hard place). The only hope that some of them I have spoken to have, is that a chance will have to be taken if we are to see an end to the corruption, nepotism, abuse of human-rights, danger to journalists and other conditions that cause fear and instability among a many of the citizens of this country. As one individual put it, “ have to hold hands with the devil sometimes…and hope for the best.”

But now that we are looking forward, the question is, would the type of change that is on offer be better for the country, or what….?

Got this link in the mail today and having checked it out, I was filled with a combination of revulsion and a feeling of satisfaction that my gut feeling about these guys was spot on. It is quite incomprehensible how any leader with even a modicum of integrity could tolerate such characters in a political party – and this view isn’t restricted to the current leadership either, as these ‘stalwarts’ were once on the ‘other’ side, and a polecat doesn’t change its spots overnight. It only goes to show that the state of Sri Lankan politics has descended to such depths that leaders of parties don’t care about integrity or positive capabilities and all they are interested in is in getting to that top spot – and to hell with the people and the country – or so it seems.

Anyway, check out the link and form your own view.

Java was sorta disappointed that there were no responses from those ‘patriotic’ bloggers  to our most recent post on trying to get a patriotic point of view and wondered if they hadn’t seen or read the post or, if they had, whether they were in a quandary with regard to how to react. For sure none of them are reticent to air their views on their own blogs on how they react to views that oppose establishment policies, but as there was no attempt to answer any of the questions posed in the post referred to above, we took it to mean (in the event they had read the post) that they are just too chickenshit to cop to their true views. And if that were to be the case, then could it be possible that these folk are a bunch of cowardly ‘patriot-imposters’ who are afraid to commit themselves for fear of exposure of their true nature?

We’re sure that most the kottu regulars know who these ‘patriotic’ bloggers are, so there you are – like the man said “what you see is what you get”. So in future, pay no heed to the meaningless platitudes and tiresome claptrap put out by these ‘patriots’, it is painfully obvious where they are at.