Java was sorta disappointed that there were no responses from those ‘patriotic’ bloggers  to our most recent post on trying to get a patriotic point of view and wondered if they hadn’t seen or read the post or, if they had, whether they were in a quandary with regard to how to react. For sure none of them are reticent to air their views on their own blogs on how they react to views that oppose establishment policies, but as there was no attempt to answer any of the questions posed in the post referred to above, we took it to mean (in the event they had read the post) that they are just too chickenshit to cop to their true views. And if that were to be the case, then could it be possible that these folk are a bunch of cowardly ‘patriot-imposters’ who are afraid to commit themselves for fear of exposure of their true nature?

We’re sure that most the kottu regulars know who these ‘patriotic’ bloggers are, so there you are – like the man said “what you see is what you get”. So in future, pay no heed to the meaningless platitudes and tiresome claptrap put out by these ‘patriots’, it is painfully obvious where they are at.