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God was pissed off – again! So pissed off that She was sorely tempted to end it all for Eden with one of those heavyweight natural disasters that would sink the island once and for all. And to think that She had got this whole creation business going with Adam and Eve in this garden that she had blessed with all the natural beauty and resources she could muster up at the time only to have it totally fucked up by the succession of morons who had wilted under Luci’s pressure and gone over to the dark side. And old Lucifer was spreading the word that He was slowly gaining control and had the evidence to bolster His case. Any dimwit had only to look around the little planet to see the chaos that was happening just about everywhere. But She was concerned about Her pet project more than all the other shit that was hitting the proverbial fan all over this world – Eden, Her inspired creation had to be put back in order and She would be damned if She would let old Luci infect the island with His insidious host of viruses that combined to breed greed, murder and mayhem on such a scale that the majority of the islanders just took the perversions for granted and adapted to the conditions – just like Darwin said, She thought.

Okay, so She had put an end to that egotistical potbellied monster who Luci fancied as a disciple and who even had the audacity to call himself a God – of the sun, no less. She had cleverly let Lucifer manoever the brothers in arms and their cohorts into a position that got rid of those forces that were using the age-old trick of pretending they were fighting for ‘liberation’. But now that the death and destruction had ended to a great extent, Luci was still causing a deep division amongst the islanders by systematically getting those brothers so infected by the viruses that their greed for wealth and power had totally blinded them to the state of Eden and its inhabitants. It had got so bad that impunity was the order of the day and if She didn’t do something about the state of affairs, and bring back a semblance of decency and fair-play to the island, She would have no alternative than to put Eden and its inhabitants out of their misery. And that would be almost unthinkable.

And so She sat on Her glorious throne, Her cherubim and seraphim and heavenly choir of angels surrounding Her, trying to soothe her with some celestial music and get her inspired enough to solve her problem. And then it hit Her – She would let old Luci do it for Her – all She had to do was to let Him give the main players enough rope to reach the end of their tether. Luci had already started the ball rolling by creating a rift between two of the entities that played a major part in ending the conflict that plagued Eden for years, but now it was looking like His little experiment was backfiring. It was looking increasingly like there may be changes wrought in Eden due to the myopia that had been brought about by the viral infections that partially blinded the powers that were to what was really going on in Eden. So panic was slowly setting in and God was sorely tempted to add fuel to the fire, but She would wait – bide Her time until the right moment to act. The problem She had, however, was that She wasn’t quite sure of the extent of Lucifer’s influence on the challenger. She knew everything there was to know about him – being the ‘all-knowing’ and that – but since She had endowed the species with ‘free will’ She had to leave somethings as they were and play it by ear, as it were. Maybe She would instill some divine qualities in the man that would change his mindset and replace the negative aspects with an inspired vision that, should he be victorious in the race, would usher in a new millennium for Eden. Maybe She would even manoever things to get those Burghers back – just to bring back a balance to things. The heavenly host continued with the soothing celestial music and God was pleased – the stress had eased.

Meanwhile, back in Hades, Lucifer was in his element. He just loved stirring the pot and getting God’s knickers in a devilish twist. His plans for Eden were going nicely and the race was hotting up with the violence, abuse and destruction gathering speed. He wasn’t too worried about the outcome of the race, as He knew that both His boys could be moulded to do just what He wanted them to do. He had it going His way for all these years, thanks to all those malleable leaders who were only interested in themselves and their near and dear. And He had no doubt that the folk in Eden were so apathetic that they would bitch and groan, but not do anything about anything. So let the party begin, He thought, and as far as old Luci was concerned, He couldn’t lose.

But in the deepest recesses of His twisted mind, He felt that God wouldn’t let Her Eden – the apple of her cosmic eye – go to hell.

And so They waited….

Over here in sunny Sri Lanka
It’s election time again
The mobs are out
So have no doubt
That fixin’s part of the game
Positions clear, the lines are drawn
The promises flow like slime
The incumbent and the challenger
Are running out of time
Some dude’s on the TV
Runnin’ off at the mouth
‘Bout how great his man is
But me, I have my doubt
So I jus say ‘fuckit’

Here in lovely Sri Lanka
The war is finally done
The Tiger troops are vanquished
And the soldiers have gone home
But the cost of living’s higher
Than it’s ever been before
So where is all that money
That would’ve been spent for war?
Since it ain’t being used for weapons
Or for all that other shit
They said it was being used for
Then where the hell is it?
The folk in remote villages
Were sacrificing meals
With patriotic fervour
But now they see the deal
And together we say ‘fuckit’

Right now in our Sri Lanka
The politicians are a breed
That’s a very special species
Of parasitic creed
So election time’s a comin’
But do we have the might
To pick someone who’s not a thief
And one who’ll do us right?
We know how one of them performed
And we also know his brother
So could the devils known to us
Be better than the other?
This is the risk we have to take
To rid ourselves of greed and hate
But just in case we are too late
Say ‘fuckit’

January 2010
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