Over here in sunny Sri Lanka
It’s election time again
The mobs are out
So have no doubt
That fixin’s part of the game
Positions clear, the lines are drawn
The promises flow like slime
The incumbent and the challenger
Are running out of time
Some dude’s on the TV
Runnin’ off at the mouth
‘Bout how great his man is
But me, I have my doubt
So I jus say ‘fuckit’

Here in lovely Sri Lanka
The war is finally done
The Tiger troops are vanquished
And the soldiers have gone home
But the cost of living’s higher
Than it’s ever been before
So where is all that money
That would’ve been spent for war?
Since it ain’t being used for weapons
Or for all that other shit
They said it was being used for
Then where the hell is it?
The folk in remote villages
Were sacrificing meals
With patriotic fervour
But now they see the deal
And together we say ‘fuckit’

Right now in our Sri Lanka
The politicians are a breed
That’s a very special species
Of parasitic creed
So election time’s a comin’
But do we have the might
To pick someone who’s not a thief
And one who’ll do us right?
We know how one of them performed
And we also know his brother
So could the devils known to us
Be better than the other?
This is the risk we have to take
To rid ourselves of greed and hate
But just in case we are too late
Say ‘fuckit’