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What a furor the ‘Akon’ incident has generated here in Sri Lanka – and all because of a tasteless and less than mediocre video featuring a song with banal lyrics! The greatest pity of it all is not so much the actual obnoxious act of Akon and his producers, but the reaction of a lot of those who profess to be ‘Buddhist’. It was pretty obvious (except perhaps to the Police and the government) that the act by the goons who attacked the TV station was premeditated and organized without fear of retribution. And the fact that previous attacks on this same station has not resulted in any appreciable difference to those behind attackers, only makes the state of affairs even worse.

The resultant effect of all this includes a diversity of views on a variety of blogs that pretty much allows us to view the disparity of opinions among many of the Buddhists of this country with regard to the religion they claim to follow. This aspect was made even more distinct when I was turned on to three prize-winning short videos of the ‘Project Reason’ contest. You could check them out at .

Interesting perspectives that will probably generate more disparate views from segments of our blogosphere, but worth a look anyway.

Hope they make sense to you…