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Some thoughts on the subject of ‘bisexuality’ arose from an exchange with a mate, which resulted from this  link l  sent him about what the article described as an “explosive new book”. In it were reports of numerous sexual encounters between Mick Jagger and a variety of partners that included David Bowie, Bette Midler and other well-known personalities. The link was sent to a few like-minded folk who are all into 60s and 70s rock ‘n roll and who would, no doubt, be interested in the goings on of our icons’ sexual exploits and other less known aspects of their lives.

The response I received from (let’s just call him) R, was that, as far as he was concerned, Jagger wasn’t gay and the reason he thought so was that if he was, at least one (if not more) of his partners would surely have, by now, sold the story for a reasonable amount of cash.

Most of us who are into the Stones are well aware of Jagger’s and Richards’ incredible body of work over the past fifty years, in addition to their exploits with mind-altering substances and sexual excapades, more recently described vividly in Keith Richards’ book ‘Life’. There have also been earlier reports of Jagger and Bowie ‘getting it on’, although these could best be described as rumours. In any event, neither Java nor yours truly were surprised or made any judgements on these actions, as our ‘morality-quotient-–  (for those of you who may be interested) would display.

Anyway, getting back to R’s assumption that Jagger couldn’t possibly be gay – I had to respond that for one thing, being ‘bisexual’ is not the same thing as being ‘gay’, and as far as we were concerned, we couldn’t care less either way!

Another response from a fellow-recipient (call him S) of the same link had this to say – “I’m sure that Bowie and Jagger both had sex with who ever they wanted – why wouldn’t they, both ultra sexy animals – and they got to choose the best too. Lucky buggers!”

We tend to agree with the latter, and Java made the observation that bisexuals had the advantage of having no hangups with regard to the sex of their chosen partners, and as a result were free from the baggage of discrimination – both in terms of value-judgements, as well as in their choices.

And as S astutely observed, “lucky buggers”!

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