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The goings-on subsequent to the recent Presidential electoral victory by Maithripala Sirisena made Java think back a few years to a piece we posted that has now answered some of our observations with actions that hopefully will have the desired results for justice to be truly served. And so we decided to reproduce it after nearly six long years, so here goes:

April 22, 2008

Some of the recent developments in the political sphere beg explanations that are either impossible to provide to sane individuals, or would provide grist for the mill of a theatre of the absurd.

Take the Weerawansa / JVP development. Okay, so the guy was fired for playing on both sides as it were – being the pawn of the Rajapakses, whilst hypocritically doing his double-speak on political platforms. Wowie-zowie! How come Somawansa and his bunch of wishy-washy pseudo-commies whose party thrives on instability didn’t twig on to what was happening for all this time? I mean it’s not like this was a recent development and it doesn’t take a Nobel Prize winner not to see the forest for the trees, does it?

Then there’s that Cabral guy – Governor of the Central Bank, no less – who was up to his neck in that hokey pyramid scheme in his quest for gold and who reportedly halted the investigation that was on and had the CID guys who were unearthing embarrassing details, fired. He was on the BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’ a few days back and from all accounts, lied through his teeth, as well as paved more of the path towards getting us isolated by nations that have had a history of supporting us – if you get where I’m coming from.

And who can ignore the Mihin debacle? Here’s a flaky airline, running on what we are told are EPF funds, illegally acquired by the powers that be, provided by a hastily set-up bank with its head honcho being the father of the CEO of Mihin, and headed by the coterie of leeches who are sucking us dry. They couldn’t come up with payments for leasing the third-rate aircraft, or for the salaries of staff, or for all sorts of other dues, and finally the main man has resigned and Mihin, we are told is bankrupt. So what happens to the EPF funds that belong to many of us folk? Isn’t there some sort of criminal action involved here? Doesn’t anyone get charged for misappropriation of taxpayers’ money? Is the legal system alive here or are we all a bunch of somnambulistic lotus eaters Waiting for Godot?

And here’s the killer – the brother of the guy that resigned as CEO of Mihin has been appointed CEO of the national carrier! How about that?!!!

I won’t even go down that ‘Helping Hambantota’ path, as we all know where that leads!

You know as well as I do that there’s more of this really crazy shit that’s going down and taking the country (and us all) with it, but there’s just too many to enumerate. Psychotic Vermin comes to mind – running around like the rabid thug he is and doing what he pleases – never mind the law (what law?) – protection is guaranteed, so what the hell!

And so, although we are all aware of the shit that’s piling up around us, we keep on keepin’ on – most folk being patient because they are told that ‘we’ are winning the war and after that will come peace and prosperity. Right! So that excuses all the other illegal and detrimental to the country shit that’s going down? And where are the so called ‘patriots’ hiding???

You tell me


A follow-up to this was posted in August 2012 with a sense of despondency, now, thankfully with more hopeful anticipation. Take a look if you found the preceding post to be of any interest.