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The series of recent disastrous events around the world got Java into thinking about the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect AKA Karma. The adage that ‘each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ is an accepted fact in the realm of Physical Science and Cosmologists through the ages have extrapolated this to apply to Cosmology. Religions also express this phenomenon in their own ways – ‘karma’ to the Hindus and Buddhists is Christianity’s “as you sow, so shall you reap”, or as Jesus is reported to have said, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – I guess he left out “or else”!

Anyway, getting back to the recent global ‘happenings’, we see that the Japanese are ‘reaping’ a whole slew of karmic effects and it didn’t take much for Java’s imagination to realize why. Java is conviced that although the tsunami was the wrath of the ocean caused, of course, by the tectonic-plate shifts off the coast of Japan, it was also due to Japanese Whaling policies. Anyone who has seen footage of Japanese slaughtering Whales, without considering pregnant females and/or babies and juveniles will know what we mean. The Japanese have also consistently refused to agree with all the policies of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW), which was signed in Washington DC, on 2 December 1946 to “provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks and thus make possible the orderly development of the whaling industry”. Japan is also #6 on the top ten polluting countries of the world. And now, with the debacle at their nuclear plants, one can only shudder to think of the consequences!

Getting back to some of the other happenings, particularly in the Middle-East, Java surmises that the accumulation of bad karma has finally reached bursting point and has erupted in the revolutions against the tyranny of those like Mubarak, Gaddafi and the others who have oppressed their countrymen for far too long. The ‘reaping’ of the harvest of what they have ‘sown’ has (as in the case of Mubarak) and will (in the case of Gaddafi) come to pass.

And so it goes – and will continue inexorably, as the law of the Cosmos will prevail over all. With this in mind, wise (or at least ‘savvy’) rulers will do well to pay attention, as what appears to be a rosy present could well turn out to be a nightmarish future – depending on the evil that they get up to when in power. Taking care of the environment is as important as taking care of everything else in a country and the flagrant abuse of anything will undoubtedly have ‘an equal and opposite effect’

Fair enough, huh?

If there’s one thing that Julian Asange and Wikileaks have injected into the awareness of folk in general around the world it is that the complacency of Big Brother with regard to the ‘culture of secrecy’ is no longer to be taken for granted.

I received a mail just this morning containing an article by Timothy Leary on the Culture of Secrecy by: Timothy Leary and Michael Horowitz, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed. Written in the early 70s, the views are startlingly apropos to what Asange and Wikileaks is all about. I’m sure that those of us who are for openness and honesty in government will appreciate Leary’s views on this subject, if not on his views on altering consciousness. So without more ado, here it is:
Timothy Leary on the Culture of Secrecy by: Timothy Leary and Michael Horowitz, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed Friday 07 January 2011

Largely because of his advocacy of psychedelic drugs, Tim Leary became a high-profile political prisoner whom Nixon called “the most dangerous man in America” (the same label Nixon used to describe Daniel Ellsberg). Leary was sentenced to ten years in prison for possession of .0025 grams of cannabis.

After escaping from prison in 1970, he became the object of an international manhunt. Finally captured in Afghanistan, he was kidnapped by the CIA – there was no extradition treaty between the two countries – and brought back to face four more years in prison, including long stretches in solitary confinement, before he was released in 1976. The following is an excerpt from a text he wrote in maximum-security Folsom Prison, California, in May 1973.
-Michael Horowitz

Secrecy is the original sin. The fig leaf in the Garden of Eden. The basic crime against love. The issue is fundamental. What a blessing that Watergate has been uncovered to teach us the primary lesson. The purpose of life is to receive, synthesize and transmit energy. Communication-fusion is the goal of life. Any star can tell you that. Communication is love. Secrecy, withholding the signal, hoarding, hiding, covering up the light is motivated by shame and fear, symptoms of the inability to love. Secrecy means that you think love is shameful and bad. Or that your nakedness is ugly. Or that you hide unloving, hostile feelings. Seeds of paranoia and distrust.

Before the FBI there were no secret police. Before World War II there was no CIA and America was much less concerned with secrecy. The hidden sickness has become lethally epidemic in the last forty years. They say primly: if you have done nothing wrong, you have no fear of being bugged. Exactly. But the logic goes both ways. Then all FBI files and CIA dossiers and White House conversations should be open to all. Let everything hang open. Let government be totally visible.

The last, the very last people to hide their actions should be the police and the government.We operate on the assumption that everyone knows everything, anyway. There is nothing and no way to hide. This is the acid message. We’re all on cosmic TV every moment. We all play starring roles in the galactic broadcast, This is Your Life. I remember the early days of neurological uncovering, desperately wondering where I could go to escape. Run home, hide under the bed, in the closet, in the bathroom? No way. The relentless camera “I” follows me everywhere. We can only keep secrets from ourselves.

None of the legal experts get the point of Watergate. The Special Prosecutor for the Watergate scandal chasing leaks from his own staff.

We recall the political scandals involving secrets. The heroic figures around whom Washington now revolves: Dan Ellsberg and Tony Russo. Brave Russian dissenters uncovering the secrets that everyone knows about Soviet repression.

Now comes the electronic revolution. Bugging equipment effective at long distance. I laugh at government surveillance. Let the poor, deprived, bored creatures listen to our conversations, tape our laughter, study our transmissions. Maybe it will all turn them on.

Concealment is the seed-source of every human conflict. Let’s forget artificial secrets and concentrate on the mysteries.

Written in Folsom Prison, California, May 1973. Excerpted from the original version published in Neuropolitics, Starseed/Peace Press, 1977

WikiLeaks is probably the best thing that could have happened at the time it did – at least for those who value truth above bullshit. I mean like just about anyone who could get a glimpse of the mindset of George Bush knew that the whole ‘WMD’s in Iraq’ was a bunch of unadulterated crap – particularly if folk knew the background about Saddam, Bush Snr and Dubbya’s vow to get Saddam. Perhaps if WikiLeaks happened prior to the war in Iraq, Bush would have been too exposed to wreak the havoc that the USA did, and continues to do, in that country. And this is just the sort of exposé that could well have led to his impeachment. Unfortunately the WikiLeaks exposures that proved Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld lied through their teeth didn’t happen in time.

The heads of various governments and their supporters are adamant that ‘secrecy’ is crucial to their respective foreign policies, which also means that they think hoodwinking their citizens and the rest of the world is perfectly cool and acceptable. In other words, anything goes to further their interests – regardless of the consequences. What Julian Assange and WikiLeaks has done is to create a whole new scenario that enables you and me to have access to ‘sensitive’ material concerning global events, which is resulting in a scramble of the ‘secrecy police’ – not only to cover whatever tracks have not yet been discovered, but also to devise new means of transmitting ‘sensitive’ information.

But what if ‘secrecy’ concerning the foreign policies of countries disappears and ‘transparency’ becomes the order of the day? Would that be feasible, or even desirable? For sure this would do away with a whole slew of ‘clandestine operations’ that go completely against the professed promises that enabled heads of states to have been voted into power in the first place. Plots to assassinate important individuals to further the ‘foreign policies’ of certain countries would no longer be possible and bogus reasons for waging wars would not stand the test of the people.

There is also the matter of governments spying on their citizens for myriad reasons – not all of them for reasons of law-enforcement or to prevent civil-disobedience or for other reasons that have their citizens’ interests at heart – a matter of ‘Big Brother’ as foretold by George Orwell. So then what’s the big deal about the people ‘watching’ Big Brother? Isn’t this the right of citizens that voted their leaders into power based on their professed policies and promises?

In the end it appears to be a matter of a desire for ‘power’ that spurs nations on to secretly connive with each other that results in massive suffering and destruction. So would doing away with ‘secrecy’ and ushering in a civilization based on transparency and truth be beneficial to the human race? If so, and it does come to pass (unlikely though it may be) Julian Assange is surely a super-hero – even though the power-brokers disagree and together with the ultra-right-wingers (Sara Palin for one) want him terminated ASAP.

For those of you who have had the misfortune to experience a day (or worse, several days) in a Magistrate’s Courtroom here in Sri Lanka this may not come as a surprise, but for those who haven’t…well, I wouldn’t wish the experience on my worst enemy.

For starters, we have all read, or have been told of the horrendous backlog of cases in various courts all over the country and the wishful thinking of our incredibly intelligent politicians that these will soon be reduced. However, it isn’t surprising that instead of the backlog being reduced, it appears to be increasing – exponentially – and no wonder!

I had been summoned as a witness for the defense in a criminal case that involved my ex-employer and an employee, and was told by the defence attorney that it was only to verify my signature on a memorandum (concerning the defendant) that I had addressed to my assistants. Okay, so ‘no worries’ was how Java responded, although we knew full well the reputation of our judicial system and the time and convolutions that would probably be involved. The case had been dragging on since the charges were first filed in 2007! My first appearance in court was in July this year and (par for the course) was postponed for a few weeks later. I sent them a medical certificate issued by a friendly Physician – and just as well, as this date was also postponed. The next dates were for October 11th, 12th and 13th and I (along with a few fellow ex-coworkers) we were told to report at 9am.

I’m guessing that the scene at this Magistrates Court must be pretty much how it is at most (if not all) courtrooms across the country. The premises are heavily guarded by armed Police and some Army personnel and no one is allowed into the premises (so everyone is on the road outside) until the clock strikes 9, at which time it’s like the floodgates open and everyone waiting to enter pushes and shoves their way into the premises – but not inside the courtroom. No – not without further bullshit. Once the veranda has been conquered, more armed guards separate the genders into two lines for security checks. No telephones are allowed and I was asked to remove my silver bracelets and ear-ring. Wallets are also checked – don’t ask why! And then, very slowly, everyone gets inside and tries to find a seat on some wooden benches which have a hard time accommodating ample posteriors – and for those with long legs, well there is hardly any space between the benches, so that one’s knees will be prodding someone’s protruding buttocks for the next few hours. The heat is stifling and the rusting ancient fans revolving slowly do little to help. By now it is close to 10am and everyone’s awaiting the arrival of the Magistrate (ours was a dumpy, unattractive, middle-aged toughie) who arrived at 10.25am, duly announced by some guy in a red coat while everyone jumped up and bowed!

To make a long and dreary story shorter, a few defendants got into the dock and sure enough, for some reason or the other, their respective cases were postponed. We waited, listening to the slew of postponements until around 1.30pm, at which time we were told to return the next day. We showed up as ordered and it was a repeat performance, but now that we were ‘old hands’ at the game, we didn’t show up until 9.45am. This time the case was postponed again for the 19th – yesterday.

Getting in was much the same routine, except this time we had to take our shoes off and a cop shook them as if expecting something to be stashed inside! Again it was the same trip, but one case was actually heard (the crime occurred 20 years ago – and I ain’t shitting you!!!) and the cross-examining by the defendant’s attorney was so long-drawn and irrelevant, even the Magistrate had to intervene several times and set him straight. By now it was a few minutes past 2pm and Java was mouthing cuss-words silently and wishing there would be a fire at night that would decimate everything around. The next case to be called was the one that I would have to give evidence (or confirm that it was indeed my signature on the memorandum), however, as it was probably lunchtime for the esteemed Magistrate, the case was postponed again for the 21st – tomorrow!

A few questions occurred to Java whilst we were stewing in our frustration inside the courtroom and we mulled over them on the way back home. If indeed it is such a problem for the judicial system to cope with the backlog of cases, here are a few suggestions for the powers that be to consider:

1 – Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get the magistrates off their asses and get them to work by 9am? And why not go on until 4pm, like most other state employees do?
2 – Why arrest folk for ‘victimless crimes’ such as smoking a joint or make traffic violations a court-room experience, adding to the congestion of pending cases? Surely a ‘fining’ system could be established to process these misdemeanours speedily and without wasting state funds?
3 – Process cases as soon as possible without the usual indeterminate postponements (or do the lawyers encourage this to boost their ‘daily appearance’ fees?)
4- Call for only a certain number of cases each day instead of inconveniencing so many folk (many of them having to make the trip to Colombo from the outstations) by scheduling what is obviously an impossible number of cases to be heard each day.

I’m sure there are many other ways to ease congestion of the courtrooms around the country and inconvenience a lot less folk in the process, so what is the problem here? Or does anybody really give a shit????

Anyway, we have to make the journey again tomorrow and hope like hell for the best!

Oh Poya moon
What is it that your mystic magic
Does to the devoted
That they pay obeisance
With one hand on the gun
And the other in the coffers
Mouthing platitudes, slander
And lies to keep the masses in line?

It’s just past dawn at Flowerbook and as the first shafts of light pierce the canopies of the trees on the eastern side Java figures out it’s going to be another bright and sunny morning. Having just returned from Colombo and the misery of traffic snarls, flooded roads, amplified ‘religion’ blaring from temples, garbage on the streets and all the other aspects that make the outstations seem like heaven, I take the dogs for an early morning walk around the property feeling blessed and digging it. The inter-monsoonal rains that wreaked havoc in many other parts of the country during the past weeks gave us reasonable rainfall without causing any serious damage, but did nothing for the veggies and herbs, making things a bit difficult in that respect.

The migrant birds left in mid to late April, a sure sign that the winds were changing and the South-West monsoon would soon be upon us. The trees that flowered in March and April included the Brazilian Fire Trees (Schizolobium parahybum) that burst out even more than they usually do, Spathodea (Spathodea campanulata), the Australian Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia), Cassia multijuga, Ice Cream Bean (Inga edulis, from Oz), Oleander (Nerium oleander) and various Guavas (Psidium sp). Some of the Guava trees were laden with fruit and brought Brown-headed Barbets (Megalaima zeylanica), Yellow-fronted Barbets (Megalaima flavifrons), Parakeets (Psittacula sp), Red Vented Bulbuls (Pycnonotus cafer), Mynahs (Acridotheres tristis), Black-headed Orioles (Oriolus xanthornus) and Lorikeets (Loriculus beryllinus) among others, to vandalize the trees. The Jungle Fowl (Gallus lafayettii) are all over the garden and we have managed to stop the dogs from chasing them – maybe their familiarity with the domestic chickens helped! The highlight of the month, however, was the first flowering of a Flamboyant (Delonix regia) whose seed pod I had brought back from Kenya ten years ago. Now around forty feet tall, I was beginning to fear that it would never flower, so when I saw the first blooms earlier this month I was ecstatic. The dark crimson shade blew Java away as he studied it closely after imbibing some buds that originated in Ecuador!

A Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjac) strayed into the garden last week and was chased by the dogs with a screaming Java in hot pursuit trying to stop Sally, Rocky and Buster from catching it. It was a ‘first’ for Tripper (now just past eight months old and relishing new experiences) who also joined in the chase. Fortunately for all (except the dogs) the deer got away. The poor deer (‘Mouse’ – Moschiola memmina and ‘Barking’ – Muntiacus muntjac are the two most frequent visitors) often stray into the garden as we have two lots of undeveloped land bordering two of our boundaries and they hang in there as their habitats are fast being lost and they have no suitable environment in which to sustain themselves over a long period of time. Then just this morning the dogs spotted a Rat Snake (Ptyas mucosus)and again fortunately I was around and managed to stop them from their usual routine of catching it and snapping it like a whip, which usually breaks its spine, after which they pull at it from each end until it breaks in two. Bad scene!

Other mammals spotted at Flowerbook over the past two months included Hare (Lepus nigricollis) and Mongoose (Herpestes sp), with the Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) being conspicuous by their absence for a while now. There again, destruction of habitat has led to a serious dwindling of the Boar population in the village.

Looks like today is going to be a scorcher, as it’s just past noon and it’s now 27C in the shade. Time to get a cold brew whilst Java processes another Ecuadorian bud and then it will nearly be time to tune in to the French Open and hope it’s not raining in Paris!

What a furor the ‘Akon’ incident has generated here in Sri Lanka – and all because of a tasteless and less than mediocre video featuring a song with banal lyrics! The greatest pity of it all is not so much the actual obnoxious act of Akon and his producers, but the reaction of a lot of those who profess to be ‘Buddhist’. It was pretty obvious (except perhaps to the Police and the government) that the act by the goons who attacked the TV station was premeditated and organized without fear of retribution. And the fact that previous attacks on this same station has not resulted in any appreciable difference to those behind attackers, only makes the state of affairs even worse.

The resultant effect of all this includes a diversity of views on a variety of blogs that pretty much allows us to view the disparity of opinions among many of the Buddhists of this country with regard to the religion they claim to follow. This aspect was made even more distinct when I was turned on to three prize-winning short videos of the ‘Project Reason’ contest. You could check them out at .

Interesting perspectives that will probably generate more disparate views from segments of our blogosphere, but worth a look anyway.

Hope they make sense to you…

God was pissed off – again! So pissed off that She was sorely tempted to end it all for Eden with one of those heavyweight natural disasters that would sink the island once and for all. And to think that She had got this whole creation business going with Adam and Eve in this garden that she had blessed with all the natural beauty and resources she could muster up at the time only to have it totally fucked up by the succession of morons who had wilted under Luci’s pressure and gone over to the dark side. And old Lucifer was spreading the word that He was slowly gaining control and had the evidence to bolster His case. Any dimwit had only to look around the little planet to see the chaos that was happening just about everywhere. But She was concerned about Her pet project more than all the other shit that was hitting the proverbial fan all over this world – Eden, Her inspired creation had to be put back in order and She would be damned if She would let old Luci infect the island with His insidious host of viruses that combined to breed greed, murder and mayhem on such a scale that the majority of the islanders just took the perversions for granted and adapted to the conditions – just like Darwin said, She thought.

Okay, so She had put an end to that egotistical potbellied monster who Luci fancied as a disciple and who even had the audacity to call himself a God – of the sun, no less. She had cleverly let Lucifer manoever the brothers in arms and their cohorts into a position that got rid of those forces that were using the age-old trick of pretending they were fighting for ‘liberation’. But now that the death and destruction had ended to a great extent, Luci was still causing a deep division amongst the islanders by systematically getting those brothers so infected by the viruses that their greed for wealth and power had totally blinded them to the state of Eden and its inhabitants. It had got so bad that impunity was the order of the day and if She didn’t do something about the state of affairs, and bring back a semblance of decency and fair-play to the island, She would have no alternative than to put Eden and its inhabitants out of their misery. And that would be almost unthinkable.

And so She sat on Her glorious throne, Her cherubim and seraphim and heavenly choir of angels surrounding Her, trying to soothe her with some celestial music and get her inspired enough to solve her problem. And then it hit Her – She would let old Luci do it for Her – all She had to do was to let Him give the main players enough rope to reach the end of their tether. Luci had already started the ball rolling by creating a rift between two of the entities that played a major part in ending the conflict that plagued Eden for years, but now it was looking like His little experiment was backfiring. It was looking increasingly like there may be changes wrought in Eden due to the myopia that had been brought about by the viral infections that partially blinded the powers that were to what was really going on in Eden. So panic was slowly setting in and God was sorely tempted to add fuel to the fire, but She would wait – bide Her time until the right moment to act. The problem She had, however, was that She wasn’t quite sure of the extent of Lucifer’s influence on the challenger. She knew everything there was to know about him – being the ‘all-knowing’ and that – but since She had endowed the species with ‘free will’ She had to leave somethings as they were and play it by ear, as it were. Maybe She would instill some divine qualities in the man that would change his mindset and replace the negative aspects with an inspired vision that, should he be victorious in the race, would usher in a new millennium for Eden. Maybe She would even manoever things to get those Burghers back – just to bring back a balance to things. The heavenly host continued with the soothing celestial music and God was pleased – the stress had eased.

Meanwhile, back in Hades, Lucifer was in his element. He just loved stirring the pot and getting God’s knickers in a devilish twist. His plans for Eden were going nicely and the race was hotting up with the violence, abuse and destruction gathering speed. He wasn’t too worried about the outcome of the race, as He knew that both His boys could be moulded to do just what He wanted them to do. He had it going His way for all these years, thanks to all those malleable leaders who were only interested in themselves and their near and dear. And He had no doubt that the folk in Eden were so apathetic that they would bitch and groan, but not do anything about anything. So let the party begin, He thought, and as far as old Luci was concerned, He couldn’t lose.

But in the deepest recesses of His twisted mind, He felt that God wouldn’t let Her Eden – the apple of her cosmic eye – go to hell.

And so They waited….

Over here in sunny Sri Lanka
It’s election time again
The mobs are out
So have no doubt
That fixin’s part of the game
Positions clear, the lines are drawn
The promises flow like slime
The incumbent and the challenger
Are running out of time
Some dude’s on the TV
Runnin’ off at the mouth
‘Bout how great his man is
But me, I have my doubt
So I jus say ‘fuckit’

Here in lovely Sri Lanka
The war is finally done
The Tiger troops are vanquished
And the soldiers have gone home
But the cost of living’s higher
Than it’s ever been before
So where is all that money
That would’ve been spent for war?
Since it ain’t being used for weapons
Or for all that other shit
They said it was being used for
Then where the hell is it?
The folk in remote villages
Were sacrificing meals
With patriotic fervour
But now they see the deal
And together we say ‘fuckit’

Right now in our Sri Lanka
The politicians are a breed
That’s a very special species
Of parasitic creed
So election time’s a comin’
But do we have the might
To pick someone who’s not a thief
And one who’ll do us right?
We know how one of them performed
And we also know his brother
So could the devils known to us
Be better than the other?
This is the risk we have to take
To rid ourselves of greed and hate
But just in case we are too late
Say ‘fuckit’

Tracking back from some of the titles on the stats page I clicked on one of the posts whose contents I had forgotten and which linked to another one that was of relevance, and both of them kinda flashed me on the current political situation we are in. Yeah, it had to do with governance, political ‘deals’, ending the war, the ethnic divide and whether the Rajapakses style of governance was beneficial to the country. And, in addition to the contents of the posts, the comments to one of them, particularly the ones from ‘dj’ proved to be quite interesting (if ‘dj’ is who I think it is) with the benefit of hindsight.

The feeling of Dejavu is strong, in the sense that we are still saddled with much of the same conditions we were in when the pieces were posted nearly three years ago, in spite of the war being over and the spectre of Prabhakaran being a thing of the past. What we are free of, now that the war is over, are the suicide bombings, the deaths of the soldiers and the cadres on the other side, the huge amounts of money that was spent on the fighting, the fear and depression caused by the conflict and other results of the fighting that caused the economy to be in dire straits. And what we hoped for with the ending of the fighting was a period of peace that would bring about an ending of the inconveniences of road-blocks, security checks, closure of roads to safeguard those who were susceptible to planned attacks, a recovering economy and a stability that would ensure freedom of speech, freedom of movement and basic human-rights. However, not very much has changed. And the question to be asked is ‘why?’.

Now there is an alternative to the present power-structure with the advent of a candidate challenging the incumbent president at the impending election. The candidate, who is without any political experience, is running on a platform provided by opposition parties that pledges to end the rampant corruption and nepotism that has become firmly entrenched in our political firmament. However, we have to take him at his word – and his words in the past have not been exactly encouraging, at least with regard to the equality of minorities. There is also the fear from some quarters that a dictatorship could result in the event of the challenger’s victory and there is really no way to be sure, one way or the other.

The quandary for the folk who are sick to death of the current regime’s deeds and lack of being able to sort out the economy is that they are between the devil and the deep blue sea (or a rock and a hard place). The only hope that some of them I have spoken to have, is that a chance will have to be taken if we are to see an end to the corruption, nepotism, abuse of human-rights, danger to journalists and other conditions that cause fear and instability among a many of the citizens of this country. As one individual put it, “ have to hold hands with the devil sometimes…and hope for the best.”

But now that we are looking forward, the question is, would the type of change that is on offer be better for the country, or what….?

April 2020
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